All students of Masters by Research in Energy and Infrastructure Law and BBM,LL.B are kindly advised that every item on the Moodle system including the digital books, journal articles, other teaching materials and audio-visuals generated by us or others are meant only for their purpose and their exclusive use. They are available to make sure that there is a virtual classroom for the student no matter where they are. These materials are not for circulation to anybody unintended by the School of Law for several apparent reasons. Any breach of this trust will be subjected to stern action according to the University Rules. If there is any confusion about this, contact your professor for necessary advise or clarification.

Additionally, due to the possibility of the power outage and interruptions of services I advise you all to regularly visit your Moodle and update yourself as necessary. You need to download the teaching materials prescribed for you to avoid embarrassment during the assessments and examinations. The School of Law does not guarantee anything in this regard. 

Dr Bipin Adhikari
Kathmandu University School of Law

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