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Message of the Dean to students
by System Administrator - Monday, 8 June 2015, 11:54 AM

Dear All: Hope you are doing well. As I keep telling, work is the best therapy, particularly when we are facing problems as we all are doing now. There is no point in hiding inactively behind our apprehension and uncertainty to seek consolation; what we get is only illusion. Work we must; walk we must. It's the only way we arrive somewhere. And I know you all have your own 'somewhere' to arrive - in career and in life. It must be non-negotiable and non-transferable.

“I am sure you are working as hard as before even during this recess to keep on walking on your chosen path. Your immediate task is not only to engage in academic responsibilities but also to keep on learning from the constraints and challenges you are grappling with. Living and learning are symbiotically intertwined: living both demands and supplies learning, and learning enriches our living and makes it exciting. My belief is your learning continues as much rewardingly as meaningfully while you are left on your own resources. A different yet a definite learning experience!

“Good news is in a few days’ time we will again assemble for taking the journey collectively forward as the School reopens after a month-long recess. I am sure you are looking forward to the opportunity as much expectantly as I am. In many ways it will be a similar learning ambience but in some significant ways it will also be a different, a new context for you to learn from and with. Your 'experience' of having to deal with the unprecedented challenges facing you will be a differential factor that I am sure will enter your learning process; and you must take its full advantage in terms of making your learning personally meaningful and relating learning with real life issues. I hope you will do it like you have never done before. The difference will also be one of the physical context of learning as there will be some temporary or alternative arrangements for some time. There may be some inconveniences we all have to put up with. I am sure you all will understand it and put the learning conviction ahead of learning convenience.

“Collectively we must do better than before. We WILL.”

Your Dean